About the Founder

I started Savi Realty at the end of July 2013 with one goal, to help keep the cost of being a Realtor down.  Being a Realtor ever since I was able to get a real estate license I found I had to always think of how to keep a low over head and to maximize profits.  I also found out after paying $200 a month for years to my broker that I never used the brick and mortar office I was paying for.  I always have worked from my home and only went into the office to drop off files and pick up checks.  Basing Savi Realty off how I have done business for years I decided to make a virtual brokerage that would let Realtors submit files and paperwork online instead of wasting time driving to “The Office”.  This is an option for all of our agents but does not need to be for everyone.  If you prefer to drop off files in person that is fine as well we do have an office building with a receptionist that will collect all files and as soon as they come in we make sure to get your check back to you asap! Also knowing not all Realtors run their business like I have if you do need a conference room or a place to meet clients our office provides that as well.

Call Steven the Broker (702)810-6039

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